Ravens and Brewery Field launch STACK-CUPS™

We are thrilled to announce that from this weekend onwards, single use plastic cups are being phased out from all the bars at Brewery Field as part of our ongoing process to ‘become a greener club’.

Having earlier this season announced a link up with Bridgend County Borough Council to raise awareness of their ‘Love it, Don’t trash it’ campaign, Bridgend Ravens have also taken delivery of a Bridgend Ford electric hybrid Ford Transit team van and the launch of the new Bridgend Ravens / Brewery Field Stack Cups is the latest part of our plan to go green.

For all major events, including all our home fixtures, in partnership with Brewery Field and The Coach Brewing Co, we’ll be using our brand new, environmentally friendly STACK CUPS™.

Why? In a nutshell, at peak times thousands of single use plastic cups were being used, bad for waste and bad for the environment.

• Our new cups are 100% recyclable and STACK-CUP™ has a zero waste to landfill policy
• They can hold hot or cold drinks
• They stack, meaning they’re easier and safer to carry… and no single use drinks carriers or trays are needed either

So how will they work? Simple…

• A refundable £1 deposit is taken with your first drink
• Take your cup back to the bar and receive a fresh clean cup with all future drinks at no extra cost
• When you’re finished, you can keep your cup as a souvenir, hand it into the bar for your £1 refund, or pop it into a designated bin and 100% of your £1 will be donated to Brewery Field’s 2022 charitable partner Prostate Cymru

Buy. Return. Keep or donate