Bridgend Ravens

Notice to all Club Members

In January, at the Open Meeting of Members of Clwb Rygbi Penybont ar Ogwr (‘Clwb’), it was stated that it was the intention to convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May for all Members, if the acquisition of the shareholding of Bridgend Ravens Rugby Club Ltd (BRRC) was concluded.

The purchase was completed earlier this month, but due to the current Covid19 outbreak, the AGM will need to be re-scheduled for later in the year, when it is safe to do so.

This does mean that two issues raised at the Members Meeting can be reviewed in advance of any AGM, with a report and recommendations prior tabled for Members to decide upon when the AGM is called

  1. Why is it necessary for there to be two companies? Could they be merged? (BRRC and Clwb).

It was necessary to form Clwb for the purpose of acquisition of BRRC and to protect all Members financially. However, it may be that a simpler klonopin buy online corporate structure of one company only going forward may be advantageous.

  1. Should the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Clwb be reviewed as some provisions were deemed inappropriate?

Clwb was formed as an ‘off the shelf’ members company, limited by guarantee. It has some provisions that could be improved, and there are many new provisions – some Bridgend Ravens specific, some more general that could be considered. For example, Members to elect Club Officers etc and not just Company Directors.

If any members, particularly those who have some knowledge of how governance of Bridgend Ravens worked prior to Leighton Samuel’s takeover, or knowledge of governance of other member clubs, are prepared to form a small group to look at these issues, reporting to Members for consideration at the AGM then the club would like to hear from you.

If you are prepared to help, or have any questions, please contact Hopkin Joseph on 07778 258444 or email