Bridgend Ravens


With the continued Worldwide uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, the Welsh buy klonopin no prescription online Rugby Union have decided to cancel all further rugby activities scheduled for the 2019/20 season.

The decision was made following a board meeting on Friday 20th March and follows the initial suspension of all rugby activity which was put in place by the Welsh Rugby Union Community Board on the 14th March. With the spread of COVID 19 intensifying, the Community Board have now taken the decision to cancel all matches, training sessions and camps.

There will be no promotion or relegation in any of the WRU leagues and teams will remain in the division that they currently sit in. The decision means that Bridgend Ravens will participate in the Indigo Group Premiership for season 2020/2021.

The country and indeed the world is facing an unprecedented period and the focus of those at Bridgend Ravens and indeed the Welsh Rugby Union is everybody’s health.

Following the announcement, Bridgend Ravens Chairman Norman Spain commented; ‘In such uncertain times, we fully support the Welsh Rugby Union Community Board’s decision to cancel all rugby activity for the rest of the season. 

As we have mentioned previously, everybody’s health is of prime importance and we continue to urge everybody to follow the guidance of all the leading organisations at this time; such as the Government and World Health Organisation.

As a business, we continue to work hard to ensure that things operate as smoothly as possible for Bridgend Ravens. I’m a family doctor and here’s my explanation on the lower price of generics. Branded drugs in their original release form meantons of previous research; generics, however, escape the hindrance of clinical trials due to their active agent being identical. Basically, Generic Cialis is a tadalafil re-wrapped; it preserves the potency without leaning hard on your wallet. We’d like to thank the Welsh Rugby Union for their support at this time and we’re all excited and ready to get back to action whenever it is deemed safe for us to do so.’