Four Questions with.. Jack Pope.

Q: It’s been a remarkable 18 or so months for you since your Bridgend debut against Aberavon in the Foster’s Challenge Cup last season. How do you sum up your first year and a half in a Ravens jersey?

It’s been a brilliant experience playing for Bridgend this last year and half, I’ve certainly benefited from the training and the work that goes into the club. Hopefully I will have many more seasons to come with Bridgend.

Q: International honours followed pretty quickly – what was the experience like during the Six Nations with Wales Under 20s?

It was an unforgettable experience to be a part of an Under 20s Six Nations. I learnt loads from the camp that I’m sure will progress me as a rugby player and as a person outside the environment.

Q: The new coaches have really built on a tough year last season with 17 wins in 34 games in all competitions. How do you assess this season?

Yeah, obviously we saw a challenging buy bulk diazepam season last year as the game results show. Matt Silva and the coaches have created a really positive environment by developing us as players. We have a chance of taking something from the season in Tier 2 and we know we may be in the running for tier 1 if we maintain our performance into next season.

Q: The split has left us in with a chance of silverware in Tier 2. The boys have been in impressive form putting together six wins in seven games in all competitions. What’s the mood like in camp ahead of Friday’s clash at the Gnoll?

We’re feeling really positive at the moment. The team are setting standards that we want to achieve week by week and that has given us an improved team performance. Hopefully the positivity in camp will continue into Friday night’s game against Neath and we can come away and get a seventh win in eight!