Ravens and Dakona Seal Partnership

You may well have noticed the overwhelmingly successful recent relaunch of RavensTV after Bridgend Ravens partnered with local start-up video production company Dakona earlier this season.
The channel has amassed well over 2,500 views in its short reincarnation and received critical acclaim across Bridgend’s social media platforms. Dakona have been behind the scenes the majority of the Ravens’ home and away matches including some exclusive footage from training. There’s plenty more in the pipeline as the season reaches the midway point and Bridgend still in the hunt for a top eight place in the Principality Premiership and top of their Foster’s Challenge Cup pool.
The partnership again shows Bridgend Ravens’ commitment to local business and Managing Director on Dakona, Benny Griffiths was delighted to partner with the Borough’s premier rugby side.
‘We’ve been going as a business for just over a month now; so we are very much in the start-up stages! When looking for projects to get us started; we looked at those closest to us… I’ve been a Ravens fan for a long time; in my family, one of our Christmas traditions is watching the Ravens play at The Bridgend Ford Brewery Field so it made perfect sense to explore the opportunity of a partnership with the team. 
Bridgend is a cauldron for rugby talent with some of the greatest players coming from this club; it’s an honour to work alongside them and we hope the videos we produce will increase the club’s fan-base both locally and further afield!”
Bridgend Ravens Media Officer, Aled Thomas shared Benny’s enthusiasm on the partnership.
‘The content that the team at Dakona has provided has proved to be an extremely can you buy over the counter https://startupsouth.org/buy-singulair-online/ viagra? welcome addition to our social media output so far this season. It’s one area we identified that we could improve upon at the tail end of last season and it’s great for the club to support the best local talent, be it on or off the field. It’s a great way to engage with supporters and we’re delighted that the playing squad and coaches have really bought into the RavensTV concept.
Benny and Jamie have added a vibrancy and energy to what we already consider a great Bridgend Ravens media team. The relaunch of RavensTV has been very successful and we’re really looking forward to working with Dakona to release some more exciting content in the near future.’


Dakona is a video production company that breathes innovation into digital videography through a tailored combination of storytelling and modern film technology. It allows Dakona’s client’s business to flourish through an improved video campaign and digital presence. Dakona develops a personal relationship with clients, and offers an inventive media strategy that helps them adapt and engage with their target audience, which is incredibly important with the significant market shift to online media.

If you’d like to see what the team can make for you; drop Benny or Jamie a line at hello@dakona.co.uk or visit the website www.dakona.co.uk – They’re also quite vocal on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) if you want to check out some of their latest videos including the work on Ravens TV.